We produce documentary films, advertising films and other forms based on clients’ briefs. We always strive to maintain excellent quality and to satisfy our clients’ expectations.


project in progress | documentary

Our flagship production has been in the making for 6 years. It is documentary film depicting the world of Polish football club Ruch Chorzów’s ultras. Over the years, a picture has slowly been emerging which is much more than a portrait of a “collective hero”. It is rather an allegorical vision of Polish and European contemporary reality.


development | dokumentary

We’d like to present some material from development. It’s an attempt to create a coherent film of the lesser known work of Zdzisław Beksiński, who was an enthusiastic video filmmaker. He shot dozens of hours of material; which now form a priceless document of the life of the great artist. Beksiński filmed everything; his home life, conversations with his son and wife, and he often loaned the camera to others and let them direct it at him. An important document emerges from these fragments of reality. It’s a very difficult and prestigious project.

Corporate films

The cycle of video material produced for Monsanto Poland is example of a successful collaboration with a client. They are short films for the company’s internal use (DVD, demonstrations and presentations), which explains the relatively low production values. Working with minimal resources we always maintain excellent standards. An additional Black Magic camera mounted on a tractor’s wheel is a small expense but one which visually enriches the location material :)

Harvest Dekalb 2013 | eng subtitle
Dekalb DK Exstorm | eng subtitle

The collaboration with Blue Dream Film resulted in over 20 short information-promotional films for the benefit of farmers and the agricultural community being shot over the course of twelve months. The very successful partnership both during the location shooting in the fields and postproduction resulted in a series of films which combines a portrait of modern Polish agriculture and compelling images of Polish farms and crops. We are currently preparing further material.

- Katarzyna Gallewicz, representative of the Dekalb seed brand from Monsanto -

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