Blue Dream Film is owned and run by Czarek Grzesiuk. Czarek has drawn on his extensive filmmaking experience to create his own studio. Blue Dream Film have two major focusses:

  • Production. We produce films commissioned by clients and also develop our own screenplays in collaboration with the Polish Film Institute and other co-producers.
  • On-set editing. An innovative, creative approach to film chiefly based on the active presence of the film editor at all the stages of a film’s production.
  • Film editing
  • Film production
  • Graphics, sound editing, colour correction


Cezary Grzesiuk

Cezary Grzesiuk
Editor, Owner

Rafał Rozmus

Rafał Rozmus

Agnieszka Koseska

Agnieszka Koseska

Mariusz Ślosarczyk

Mariusz Ślosarczyk
Production Manager

David French

David French
Polish-English Translator

Renata Marszewska

Renata Marszewska

A short history of the company

  • Gloria Artis 2016
    The Gloria Artis Medal for Contributions to Culture. Czarek Grzesiuk among a group of five distinguished Polish film editors. AWESOME!
  • Some Commercial's Subjects 2015
    2015 saw a lot of advertising projects. There was a successful partnership with Monsanto involving the production of corporate films, and several editing projects for social and antisocial (i.e. commercial, of course:)) campaigns.
  • From the Inside 2014
    The documentary film From the Inside (Z Wnętrza) went into production. 2014 also saw the premiere of a film which was showered with awards: The Shadow Forest (Las Cieni), and the editing and postproduction of Touch of an Angel (Dotknięcie Anioła), a video documentary film.
  • One Metre from Holiness 2013 - 2014
    Coproduction of the documentary series for TVP 1 One Metre from Holiness: direction, screenplay and editing.
  • Imagine 2011
    Postproduction of the film Imagine, directed by Andrzej Jakimowski. Edited on set in Portugal over a period of 3 months.
  • Blue Scallies 2009
    Start of production of the film Blue Scallies. Funded by Silesia Film and the Polish Film Institute PISF.
  • Witness 2008
    Editing of the film Witness, premiered in the Vatican in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI, screening for over 5 thousand people in the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall. The company changed its name to Blue Dream Film the same year.
  • Four Nights with Anna 2007
    Postproduction of the film Four Nights with Anna, directed by Jerzy Skolimowski.
  • Tricks 2006 - 2007
    Postproduction of the film Tricks, directed by Andrzej Jakimowski. Coproduction with Z.A.I.R
  • Secrets of the Vatican 2005 - 2006
    Postproduction of the video of the first Polish documentary production in HD; the TVP 1 serial Secrets of the Vatican, screening (6 January 2006) in the Vatican for Pope Benedict XVI.
  • Grand Prix 2005
    Grand Prix 2005 at the International Catholic Film Festival Niepokalanów 2005 for the film My Life For Him (Moje życie dla Niego): direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing.
  • Destined for the Blues 2004 - 2005
    Postproduction of the film Destined for the Blues. Coproduction with Gambit Film Production.
  • The Old Fairy Tale 2002 - 2003
    Editing of the film The Old Fairy Tale, directed by Jerzy Hoffman. Collaboration with Zodiak Film Production.
  • Squint Your Eyes 2001 - 2002
    Postproduction of the film Squint Your Eyes, directed by Andrzej Jakimowski. Coproduction with Z.A.I.R
  • Quo Vadis 2000 - 2003
    Postproduction of the film Quo Vadis, directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, premiere in the Vatican in the presence of Pope John Paul II.
  • With Fire and Sword 1999
    Czarek received the Award for Film Editing at Gdynia Film Festival.
  • Launch of the company 1998
    A little-known fact is that the company started out with the name “Sephia” and its first step into the world of business was to issue a CD by the band Cree. The same year Czarek received an editing award for Przystan (directed by Jan Hryniak) at the Gdynia Film Festival.