• Director: Andrzej Cichocki
  • Camera Operator: Andrzej Cichocki
  • Production Managers: Sandra Staletowicz, Wojciech Szczerba
  • Music: Maciej Sztor
  • Edited: Cezary Grzesiuk
  • Artistic supervision: Bogdan Dziworski, Jerzy Łukaszewicz, Andrzej Ramlau

A poacher has come face to face with the wolf he’s hunting when he hears gunshots. The man sees some terrified people running away. Meanwhile, one of them – a small boy – gets lost in the forest. Even the wolves can sense the approaching danger.


Rhode Island is one of the ten most important international festivals in the United States. It is one of 19 festivals with the accreditation of the International Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Award winners in the short film category have an easier route to receive an Oscar nomination. This year’s programme (2014) included 250 films produced in 62 countries. A record 5,400 films were submitted to the festival this year and awards were given in 30 categories.

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Cezary Grzesiuk received an award for film editing.
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