• Directed by Andrzej Jakimowski
  • Director of Photography Adam Bajerski
  • Production Designer Ewa Jakimowska
  • Production Managers: Kasia Kucia and Rita Tares
  • Sound Design: Jacek Hamela
  • Music: Tomasz Gąssowski
  • Edited: Cezary Grzesiuk
  • Costumes: Aleksandra Staszko

Ian arrives at a Lisbon clinic for the visually impaired to teach blind patients navigational skills. The clinic’s international community greet his unorthodox methods with both anticipation and scepticism. For Ian, orientation flows from the mind and imagination – then sensory perception follows. His methods, though effective, are not without risk...

Beautifully assembled pic, shot in warmly lit widescreen and with a vibrant score, looks at the different options available to help blind people live their lives as fully and independently as possible, even if not all methods are without risk.

- Boyd Van Hoeij, Variety -


  • reżyser Andrzej Jakimowski

    Andrzej Jakimowski in the foreground

  • Filip syn Czarka

    Filip, Czarek’s son, celebrating Children’s Day on set

  • Edward Hogg

    Edward Hogg

  • reżyser i operator obrazu

    The director and director of photography – Andrzej Jakimowski and Adam Bajerski.

  • dzieci na planie

    The actors – visually impaired children

  • na planie Imagine

    The streets of Lisbon

  • operator obrazu ze steadycamem

    Adam Bajerski using a Steadicam.

  • twórcy filmu Imagine

    Alexandra Maria Lara, with Adam Bajerski and Andrzej Jakimowski in the background.

Boxed Caption

Jacek Januszyk and Adam Bajerski shooting with two cameras on cranes.